Porridge Recipe

So more often than not when we serve the porridge we get comments like:- ,How do you get it like this?, 'Mine is never like this'! 'Where do you get the oats from?', 'This porridge is just amazing!' And 'How do you cook it?' So here we go how we do it:


  • 1/4 cup Organic porridge oats from the Watermill
  • 1/4 cup Giant organic oat flakes from the Watermill
  • 1 full cup of full cream milk + more


Place all the ingredients in a pan over a low heat and bring to a nice simmer giving it a good stir then let it simmer for 10 minutes until it bubbles then turn down the heat and leave it gently simmering for about 20 minutes adding milk as necessary. I think this could be quicker, but the slower cook suits the way we serve breakfast which leads to lots of complimentary comments,

We serve this with maple syrup but our guests often add the fruit salad on the table particularly berries which is lovely and maybe some Greek yogurt.