Bank House B&B Cleaning Regime

We have decided to publish our cleaning regime to the public and our guests for the purpose of filling everyone with confidence that we are cleaning all the public areas of the business to a high standard and that we are taking into account recent circumstances.

We have decided to allocate at least 24 hours between different guests stays, this allows time for the room to be deep cleaned properly.

Deep Cleaning Regime for Bedrooms:

  • Every single surface in the room will be disinfected
  • The lamps, wire and switch will be disinfected
  • All bedding will be removed washed and replaced
  • Hot drink assortment will be replaced with fresh items
  • All windows and mirrors will be disinfected
  • Alarm clock will be disinfected
  • Bin to be removed and disinfected
  • Tv to be disinfected, including the remote control
  • Information booklet to be disinfected
  • Room to be vacuumed
  • Door knobs and doors to be disinfected
  • Disinfect radiator
  • Disinfect hairdryer

Deep Cleaning Regime for En-Suites:

  • Shower curtains will be removed and washed and replaced.
  • Showerhead to be removed and disinfected
  • Drainage filter to be removed and cleaned
  • Shower to be fully disinfected
  • Disinfect sink area and taps
  • Toilet to be thoroughly cleaned and hand contact points to be disinfected
  • Small amount of bathroom items to be replaced (ear buds etc)
  • Bin to be removed and disinfected
  • Toilet paper to be removed and replaced with fresh roll
  • Toilet roll holder to be disinfected
  • Steam clean en-suite floor
  • Disinfect radiator